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Group Breaks Every Friday Night!

Group Breaks are now every Friday Night on YouTube!

Come and join the fun, as a spectator or a participant!

Buying a spot in the Group Breaks is a great way to try to hit some great cards, especially for those who cannot find retail products on the shelves! Of course there's always the chance you get a not so preferred team, but there's always a chance you get the best team and pull a very valuable card for a decent price!

We will always have giveaways for the participants as well as the viewers. Grab a drink, relax, and enjoy the show.


  • How do I become an early access member?

  • I’m trying to get in on the brakes but I’m not sure which website to go to is that your YouTube channel?

  • Card collector from Taiwan.

    Peter Liang
  • From Taiwan card collector!!

    Peter Liang

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