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Group Breaks - Live Streamed on YouTube! Video will be archived and remain on YouTube on

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Date and Times of Group Breaks is listed for the start of the Live Stream on YouTube. The actual time of the break will vary depending on length of all breaks scheduled.

Venmo/Cash App/Manual Payments

If manual payment options listed above are used, your payment MUST be received and confirmed prior to the start of the Break(s), or your order is nullified and canceled.


Random Team Breaks:

- All cards Ship

- Breaks that consist of a number of individuals paying the same price for a "slot” in the break. All the teams involved in the break then would be randomized live on stream, and matched up next to the individuals name. When you buy into a random team break, you will know exactly which team you have before the box and case breaking begins. You will receive those cards all cards from your team.

- You are not guaranteed any cards, you may hit zero cards in the break. However, I will always try to send something to make up for it!

Rules for Multi-Player Cards, Retired Multi-Team Players, etc.

Placement of Card: A card will be awarded to the team that is listed on the front or back of the card, not the jersey they are wearing. If there is no team name on the card then the card would be awarded to the team of the jersey that is being worn by the player.

Multi-Player Cards: Cards that have multiple players on it will be randomized through An individual will receive as many spots as they do players on the card. For example if a person owns two of the three players then they would receive two spots in the randomization of that card, and the other person would receive the third spot.

Points: Any points or redemption not associated with a particular player or team will be randomized to all spots in the break.

Retired or College Players:  Many products have retired or college players in them. For college players, this will go to the team the Player is currently playing on (college uniform). For retired players, this will go to the team listed on card, if no team is listed it will go to the team they played the most games with. If a player played for a team that no longer exists, it will go to the team that they became. If all fails, it will be randomed at the discretion of the breaker (HitmanRips).

- If there is a rule or a situation that is not covered above, the breaker (HitmanRips) will make a final decision ruling based on fairness at his own discretion.


(Please note that the thumbnails of the Group Breaks are for display and may not represent the exact boxes in the Group Break. The variation may vary - Walmart, Target, etc).

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