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International Shipping

UPDATED International Shipping

- Effective July 1st, 2024 - International Customers will not be charged shipping at time of the order.

- All International Customers orders will be combined and held until the customer is ready to be shipped. There is no additional charge for this!

- International Shipping day is every Monday. When the International Customer is ready to be shipped, they must email: by the Saturday preceding the Monday for a shipping quote.

- The Hitman Rips Shipping Team will then email the customer a shipping quote/invoice, which can be paid via

- What are the benefits of the updated International Shipping procedures?

  - International Customers won't get charged extra shipping multiple times a night, nor on Fillers.

   - International Customers now have the benefit of saving on storage and shipping costs, until they are ready to be shipped.

- Of course, if an International Customer hits a huge card and requests expedited shipping before the next International Shipping Day (Mondays), we can always try our best to accommodate!