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Merchandise Launch - Giveaway for Free Group Break Spot!

We have launched our "Hitman Rips" Merchandise Page!

Anyone who makes a purchase from any item from the Merchandise Page will receive one entry to the Random Giveaway for the upcoming "Group Break #18 - 4, 3, 2, 1 .... All Optic Football" Break.

Purchase any item to get you an entry, purchase two items to receive two entries, three to receive 3 entries, etc.

Even if only one person makes a purchase, they will be the only one with a ticket and guaranteed a spot in the Break ($74 Value)!

What a better way to support your favorite YouTuber than to wear his merchandise and win a spot to the Friday night fun! (Wait, I am your favorite YouTuber, right?

Thank you for your support and good luck!


*Contest is open now, and entries closed on Friday, April 2nd at the start of the breaks! Randomization for the Spot will be done prior to the Group Break. One Winner will win the free spot!


  • Please email me on your offers. Thanks.

    Wayne P
  • Please email me on your offers. Thanks.

    Wayne P
  • Please contact me if you have a problem with shipping. One customer said that shipping to “New York” isn’t offered. The problem is being looked into.


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