New Group Breaks Are Posted!

Group Breaks this Tuesday, May 4th @ 5:30pm PST! Spots are on sale now on  for VIP YouTube Members and will go on sale to everyone else tomorrow at Noon PST!
There is 3 total Breaks, and possibly some "Degen Time"
Break # 33 - ($66/Spot) UFC Prizm - 25 Random Spots, Each Spot receives a Fighter From Tier 1, a Fighter from Tier 2, and 6 other random Fighters!
Break # 34 - ($71/Spot) 2020 Football, Two Chronicles Hobby Boxes w/Select, Optic Blasters!
Break #35 - ($99/Spot) Two Year Basketball, Prizm Hobby with Mosaic Mega and Hangers!


  • HITMAN :D I always watch your videos…..

    What is this about club membership ???

    John H. Quinn
  • Hey Hitman……just joined up on YouTube for early access and was looking to get into your NBA break

    Locker Room Sports Cards

    Timothy Miles
  • I’m a YouTube member and it’s saying I don’t have access to the page yet when I click on the breaks.

    Lori Oreskovich
  • How to join?

    Dennis trangia
  • Also how I I become a VIP YouTube member so I can access the breaks that are on sale early? Thanks

    Aaron Loquinario

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