Sundays: Kate 5pm, Mondays: ChiCity Pulls 5pm, Tuesdays: Hitman 5pm, Thursdays: ChiCity 5pm, Friday: Hitman 5pm (PST)

Update on Payments

Due to an issue with Shopify Payments, I am only accepting PayPal payments at this time, sorry for any inconvenience!

This only applies to future orders, any orders already processed through Shopify are good to go! 

This is until further notice, as I am working on adding other payment options back!


  • Hey man i got in on one of your breaks last week, i was just curious on when to expect the cards?

    Charles Mccloskey
  • All previous payments with Shopify are good to go, only future payments!

  • Hey Hitman,
    I paid for my spot a few days ago, is that payment still valid? or do I need to go back in and use paypal

  • If we purchased through shopify for tomorrow’s break earlier in the week, are we to worried? Or are we still good for tomorrow’s break? Please advise.

    Santiago Hernandez

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